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1000+ professionals

Top professionals for your cooperation, assistance to help you list your business. We believe in working with utmost professionalism to provide verified and trustworthy referrals.

Presence across 5+ Province

We’re available and accessible exclusively across 5 + province in Canada. Find us in Richmond, Delta, Langely, Vancouver and Surrey, Bc.

Top leading and popular services

With the Highest, leading and in demand services, we are the top-tier services operating app. Delivering satisfaction at doorstep.

Services Availed

Nonstop bookings and downloads from clienteles. These services will be befitting for any occasion or work that you wish.

Canada’s finest rated app

Our app transcends and make your world a better place in seconds as you register your services. Be the No. 1 Business/service provider.

Satisfactory Pricing

Get the upper hand over convincing prices of services for your assurance and gain. Which is the jewel in the crown of our app.

List your business for FREE in Canada’s leading local search engine. Make sure clients can find you with listings top searches around Canada.

Register your Business for FREE

Tap into the power of Reffriends network and build lasting relationships. Register your business for FREE on the application and drive more traffic of clients effortlessly and hassle free.

Zero investment in marketing

0 cost in generating your page and listing your services which do not require any capital but generate substantial income.

Sending and receiving referrals is FREE

Referrals allows your clients to become your Company’s advocate and reach new audiences through word of mouth. They will Share and care for you. Trust reimagined….

Getting clients is FREE

Getting new clients can be expensive. But here is where and how you can get them for free. You don’t need fortunes to get it, Reffriends is your reference expert and an easy way to reach them.

Unique ad formats matched to your goals

Reffriends is your official guide for creating and optimising performance campaigns. With outsmart virtuous Ad formats designed creatively in sync with your potential plans and objectives, we help fulfilling goals.

Experience 2x buying power of audience

Experience significant buying potential of clients by advertising which could result in higher profit or leads to a higher client retention.

Get top position. Place personalised ad

Personalised ads help Businesses like yours to get found. Put your brand in front of potential clients, get discovered and grow your business.

2x higher return on Ad spend

Your spend Ads will be flashed on the top of the radar with our surpass strategies and most significantly you will reap the benefits of startling 2x higher return on your money spent


Why choose Reffriends?

The right approach for the right audience

An accurate audience comes when their preferential acquaintances have recommended your services.

Old customers remain Faithful Throughout.

Clients who refer your businesses are more likely to recommend and spread it through word of mouth which enlarges the web of connections.

Promotion of businesses by referrals

Your business will get encouraged and further advance quickly and efficiently in the public eye through online presence by Reffriends.

Business expansion

If refereed clients like your businesses they might do a bulk deal with you and there comes your dream business expansion in minutes!!

For Customers

We provide the best clientele experience you can ever come across through our listed services.

Got friends get services!!

Nothing can be more advantageous for you than a recommendation from a close adoring one.

Easy to use.

can find trusted services and especially for you there are recommendations for them in just one click.

Building your Referral Network

when customers avail your services, ask for a Referral on our application. Connect with your clients on social media and through our application. Ask your employees to refer your business and expand it even much more. Provide the best of services you can. When you get referred customers through our application you can tell them to recommend your business.

For Customers

Find Local Business & Services Near you in Richmond, Delta, Langley, Vancouver & Surrey, BC. You can say thank you to a friend by providing and shedding light to them on the new loyal services that you found through references. You can use this to prove to be a best friend and family member and help your family member. Support regional businesses in your locality. Discover Hassle-free services

Find a Dynamic business according to your needs. Contact businesses on their various social media platforms Given on our app according to your comfort. Get nearby local services thriving in your locality. You can do bulk deals with businesses if you like their services.



You register your business for FREE and let people find and refer their well-known friends and family and you give them near-at-hand grand service experiences.

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Target the right customers for your business with the help of AppVim’s and increase conversion figures in less than 2 weeks

I am so contended that I registered my services on Reffriends was able to get free clients for my services and higher reach in my local town.

Jack Mathew

I availed cleaning service from this app. I was delightful after seeing the result it was worth it. My home became so beautiful after that.

Samantha Stewart

I listed my multiple business here and got so many free referrals from clients. My client’s ratio increased to the greatest level.

Robert Stone


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