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What is Reffriends?

December 16, 2022 Uncategorized

What is Reffriends? 

Reffriends is being in service to marketers in enlarging their business where they can eventually bring light on themselves and glow and amplify themselves in their locality .Reffriends work for local businesses and services in Richmond, Delta, Langley, Vancouver & Surrey, BC. It helps them grow through written means of communication from friends and family with each other in the form of recommendations and referrals.

How we have helped…..

We have helped many traders through our referral strategy as the existing clients help attract more-like minded clients to their businesses…

Why do we choose to start this?

We want to make your business compelling and captivating among friends and family through referrals that are shared between them.

we provide nearby services in your local region and provide you with the conviction you need.

we wanted to help local businesses to List Local Business and List Local Services

“Focus: trust is eventually the master key to unlock the doors of super classy services at the confirmation from your  fingertips.”

Always remember you need to be dynamic and do something out of the box in order to make your business pioneering.

Collaboration is what makes dreams come to reality!!!

How do we work?

  1. We are there for you 24×7.
  1. You register your business for FREE and let people find and refer their well-known friends and family and you give them near-at-hand grand service experiences.

 You need to list and create your business profile by entering your 1. name 2.  Email address 3.Designation 4. Company name 5. Nature of business  6. Address 7. City  8. State 9. Phone number 10. Comments /Questions

  1. Clients will be able to find business contacts in their contact lists.  They can search businesses by service or location.
  1. You can add your website name and what your business is regarding and about it and WhatsApp, email, and other contact info too.
  1. We have this amazing idea and characteristic for your convenience that if you have multiple businesses you can register them too under the listed categories.
  1. We have the Following business verticals listed with us :

Accounting, Real Estate, mortgage, Electrician, insurance, Lawyer,  Immigration, Driving school, Software/Website,  Renovation,  Carpenter, plumber, builder, painter, Gardener, Cleaner, Dry cleaner, Roofer, Locksmith, Hairdresser, Pest control and many more.

  1. You can include details like your logo, high-quality product & service pictures, operating hours, price range, latest offers & updates, reviews, etc. All this information can help you to attract the right customers to your business. With us, you can make the best first impression and turn your visitors into customers. Take our help to improve your conversion rates in less than two weeks. Be assured to reach and achieve all your desired goals in minimum time, budget, and effort.

“The customers who are likely to give you referrals are likely to stay put and pursue your business. Hence you have more Customer retention rate.

We all for sure know  it’s rare to hear about customers switching their electrician, especially if they have grown comfortable from the start of their relationship with your business.”

  1. There is also an option for Customers who avail our app to see famous services in their locality.

Benefits of using Reffriends

Happy clients promising definite happy referrals

The clients act as influencers who advertise your brand in the way of referals in refriends your you are just going to get positive referrals in a way that you have never imagined before.

Creates more trust between client and businessman

Faith and trust is created when they avail the superlative services of yours and give you an amazing referral.

Attract new customers at 0 cost

When family and friends see that their faithful friends are recommending them services there are more chances that they are going to try it and give you a referral as well because of the conviction that is there between each other and you can have it in 0 cost on reffirends .

Methodize your marketing strategy

Adopting to the new technology and doing work accordingly will take you towards the ladder of success. In a referral strategy there are much higher chances of clients referring your business with each other as there is love between family and friends and they tend to follow and recommend the best that they have been recommended by each other

Social media presence.

Social media is very important tool in connecting your audience and making them have a personalized experience with you. They will feel like they know you. Registering yourself in a free referral business will undoubtedly give you a social media boost and you will be able to give a personalized experience to your clients.

Free Marketing

There will be free marketing of your brand and automation will be there. Yes automation can happen with referral marketing. Your business will  be promoted by itself through referral marketing for free.

How you can ask for referrals without being forceful

Ask it at the right time

When the client is happy from your services you can aware them naturally more about your services and ask them for a referral. When they appreciate your services you can say hey john will if you liked our services can you please give us a referral?

Connect and ask it with the right people

In order to heighten your business you can first ask a friend to recommend your services. When they do their friends will see the recommended services and therefore will contact your business for the product and services that they require.

Ask your employees

You should engage your employees in your promotion strategy and can tell them to refer your business.  Hence your spider web of connections will increase when they will see your business on the radar.

How to get referrals

Provide prominent product and services.

Give exceptional quality of products and services with coupon codes for their next shopping and discount for buying new products. You can give them small trinkets too as a remembrance of shopping from your company.

Make and feel clientele at ease

Make a positive experience for your clientele and make them at ease with you and themselves an aware and educate about the product and services as much as you can in a casual yet professional way so they get engrossed in it.